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Premium Service & Quality

It comes under the Primary Sector of the economy as the primary sector deals with the natural resources fishing come under the primary sector. Quality control can be defined simply as 'maintenance of quality at a level that satisfies the customer and that is economical to the producer or seller'. This definition could apply to almost any procedure involving the quality control of fish or fish products.

Purchase Capacity In India

During the financial year 2020-21, India exported 11,49,510 MT of Seafood worth US$ 5.96 Billion. USA and China are the major importers of Indian seafood. The aquaculture sector has contributed 67.98% of exported items in terms of US$ and 46.44% in terms of quantity which is 4.40% and 2.48% respectively more when compared to 2019-20.

Supply Chain Management

Fourth-largest seafood exporter in the world is India.$7.08 billion is the new height reached by the seafood exports of India. In order to satisfy the demand of the fishing products, an unpredictability in the supply chain must be focused.The fishing industries showcase in particular challenging supply chains. Supply chains take joint liability for giving sheltered and excellent items.